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We can help you share your story through film.

Corporate videos don’t have to be boring. At Lt Film we put your story at the heart of the film and create something that any audience can relate to and enjoy.


We will ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible way and that your message is clear.


We also created internal training videos for companies such as Lyons Seafoods and Revive! Auto Innovations on subjects from Health and Safety to processes used in their industries. 

Nicholas Wylde - Commissions
Certified Scrum Training from Agilify®

Certified Scrum Training from Agilify®

Agilify is a UK-based training and consulting company founded in 2008 which focuses on agile delivery methods and practices. Our vision is to help individuals, teams and organizations understand the benefits of an agile approach through learning with expert professionals. Training is just the start of the journey. Don’t be fooled by training suppliers who will convince you that a short training course solves all your problems. Agile development involves people more than process. Changing mindsets as well as working practices takes time and requires effort. With more than 15 years of experience of adopting, practicing and teaching Scrum in a variety of challenging environments, Agilify trainers and coaches are equipped and ready to work with you to embed a new way of delivering products better, faster and cheaper. We offer public and private training courses such as: + Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training + Certified Product Owner (CSPO) Training + Advanced Certified Scrum Master (ACSM) Training + Advanced Certified Product Owner (ACSPO) Training Agilify is endorsed by the Scrum Alliance as a Registered Education Provider (REP). Our trainers come with real-life experience of applying agile concepts and practices on real projects. Our courses are developed, improved and executed based on feedback from training hundreds of people in many different companies and cultures. We take pride in our work and value helping others to improve their own agile skills. We also pride ourselves on a collaborative direct relationship between trainer and client to ensure you get the best possible service from some of the leading experts in the agile world.
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