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Our Films

LT Film is an award winning Video Production company based in Bath.


Over the years we have created a number of short films and documentaries. It all started with a short film called Nan, about the relationship between a grandmother and grandchild over a lifetime. The film won a Royal Television Society Award and was nominated in other film festivals too. It went on to reach millions online and featured on Sky Arts, ITV and


Our films and documentaries explore many themes. What Happens When You Die?  is a documentary looking at the various views we have as a society on death. We screened it in Bath and had a Q&A with experts in the field. The School on the Hill, looked at the devastating closure of a much loved secondary school in Bath and what it meant to staff and pupils past and present.


We were commissioned by the St John's Foundation to create a documentary about homelessness in Bath and North East Somerset which was screened to an audience of 500 at Komedia. There was a Q&A after the film with the heads of charities and social housing associations.


LT Film have also produced a range of short films such as With Love, FAKE and A Grave Matter, inspired by our documentary, What Happens When You Die?  To learn more, watch below!

A Roof Over My Head

Behind the beautiful Georgian facade of Bath and the stunning surrounds of Bath and North East Somerset, homelessness – or the threat of it – is a problem facing a growing number of people.

There are over 4,000 on social housing waiting lists in the region and house prices are 14 times average earnings.

The issues go far deeper than the number of street homeless. There are countless individuals sofa-surfing, families housed in B&Bs and others in unsuitable temporary accommodation.

But, there is help available. This film, funded by St John’s Foundation and created by Meaningful Films, shows the realities of homelessness and the life-changing work that is being done by local organisations to help. We witness first-hand the difference that support staff and volunteers make to those struggling to keep a roof over their head.

The School on the Hill


In July 2018 Bath Community Academy closed its doors for the last time. The poignant image of red ties hung from the school gates symbolised the ongoing fight by the local community to keep a school open on that site. Westhill Boys School moved from The Hollow to Rushill in 1956 in order to cope with the growing numbers of pupils. It became known as Culverhay in 1972 – its name taken from an iron age earthwork that could be seen from the site of the school.


In 2012 the school became a co-educational academy and changed its name to Bath Community Academy. We decided to create a documentary about the school before it was lost to history.


The film offers a nostalgic look at a school that meant so much to staff and pupils over the last 70 years. In this film, we talk to those who have been involved with the school from its days as Westhill Boys School and Culverhay to Bath Community Academy.

What Happens When You Die?

There is one certainty in life and that is we are all going to die. We don’t know why or when but it is a fact that we need to face - and to talk about.

That’s why we decided to make a documentary called What Happens When You Die? Following an intriguing short film, you will hear accounts from people from all walks of life describing extraordinary and inspiring accounts that are both hopeful and comforting.

We travelled the country to interview people from an international banker turned spiritual medium, to an animal communicator and an expert in Near Death Experiences.

We screened both films to an audience of over 100 people at the end of 2018 and had a Q&A with a member of the Death Café. Following a second screening during Dying Matters Awareness Week with a very positive response and audience members telling us that the film will help others to be more open and honest about death and dying.

We hope you will feel the same after watching this.

A Grave Matter

Adam is 16. He meets Daisy in a church whilst she is reflecting on the eight years since she last saw her husband. They talk about their experience of death through losing their loved ones and the meaning of life. Whilst this film touches on a sensitive subject that not many people like to explore, it portrays a light hearted, gentle perspective on death. As we grow older we become more inquisitive about whatever comes next and as we deal with death throughout our own lives, we learn more about ourselves.


This film is not only for those people, but also for those of you who have a firm idea of what you believe comes next.


'Nan' is a short film that shows a bond between a Nan and her Grandson. The piece looks at the things we learn from our elders that eventually are reversed and used to help them. Through this beautiful friendship, the film takes a true to life insight at how life begins and ends the same.

"It’s an emotional reminder about the importance of sharing love and life with the ones that mean the most to us. This short film is so moving, in fact, that it will probably bring you to tears." LITTLETHINGS.COM

"In just two minutes and forty seconds this film will send you on an incredible, nostalgic journey."


With Love

‘With Love’ tells the story of an elderly couple at Christmas and looks at the true meaning and feelings behind the gifts we give.

BnB Emergency

Suzanne Smythe Sampson (self proclaimed) world renowned hotelier films pilot of her show 'BnB Emergency' to send to Channel 4.

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