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As a local creative freelancer myself I think it's important we don't forget about the amazing things that us creatives are up to. So the first Creative Champions show was full of shout outs to some of the cities wonderful creatives and the resources they've made available to others, as well as more local news and tips to stay motivated during lockdown.

Bath is a super creative city and without us creatives, there's a loss of colour and life. We’ve seen lots of events cancelled, but lots of resources are still available.

Bath Carnival has a whole page dedicated to resources to help with mental well-being - including activities for young people plus advice and support links for musicians during this time.

Bath Festival Team have shared some great podcasts on the blog page of the website including Backlisted which looks at how and why some books stand the test of time and is warm, knowledgeable, funny and enlightening.

Bath Digital Festival has online networking every third Thursday via whatsapp. There are also many ways to get involved with the festival itself this year, from being a volunteer to hosting an event.

Komedia are doing a great job rescheduling performances (including one I'm going to!) and have their Krator comedy nights live, on youtube, every Friday with Stephen Grant (adult content only).

James Shaw from Volley Design has been sharing his creative resource blog. Lots of resources and information about local creatives and events including the wonderful world of typography..

Twitter - @volley_design

Jamie Bellinger, Photographer has been sharing his photos of Bath during lockdown and now has 100 photos available to view online.

Twitter - @okayjamie

Keeping Bath Afloat now have over 2000 followers on Instagram. They are Supporting Independent Businesses, Services and Freelancers through COVID-19 by sharing posts about the work they do.

Don't let lockdown get you down

It’s important to not let lockdown get you down, and to remember that you are allowed to just take a step back and reflect. I believe it will help your business succeed in the long run.

I took part in an Instagram live with This Country writer and actor Daisy Mae Cooper. It really helped to refresh my memory of scripting for comedy and the importance of character development. Daisy has made the clips available on Youtube.

I've also been going for walks and taking the camera out occasionally with me too. I think at this (sorry, gonna say it) 'strange time' in our lives, it's important to document what’s happening. I’ve kept a diary since I was ten years old and it's fascinating to look back on how life has changed.

I also did a course on ‘How to Stop Imposter Syndrome from Holding you Back in your Marketing & Communications’ with Skye Ferguson. It is still available online, along with loads of other greats talks and workshops on everything from business to well-being - you can access them here until the end of May. I found that Skye really helped me to understand that you are capable of much more than you think, and make you realise what’s getting in the way.

Creative Bath Awards nominations are still open. Finalists are announced on 30th June and the awards take place on 27th August alongside Bath Boules.

Goldilocks entertainment is a great way to keep your kids entertained at home. Sedona hosts children's parties from home and has featured on BBC Points West this week.

Holburne Museum - the 130-year-old art museum is at risk of permanent closure because of the coronavirus lockdown and is seeking to raise £50,000 to secure its future. It receives no government funding and has lost its regular income from tickets, events, its shop and cafe. They are so close to meeting their target! If yoo can support them follow the link below.

They also have some great creative resources on their website. to keep the kids entertained.

Finally... There is a lot of pressure on the creative world to learn new skills at the moment. Well, with all this free time why not put it to good use? But I believe that during this time it's important to do the things that won't make you feel under pressure, but that help you develop as an individual and in-turn, enhance your life in other ways. It doesn’t have to be a career enhancer, it can be a chance to learn more about yourself.

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