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New show on BA1 Radio highlights Creative Champions in Bath

I haven't presented my own radio show since university (which was six years ago!)

I became a trustee for BA1 Radio after some school friends decided to set-up a place for people of ages to come and learn about radio and gain new skills that can help them throughout life. When I started radio at school aged fourteen, I was shy, nervous and massively lacked confidence. Being a part of the school radio station gave me the opportunity to build on these issues whilst expressing and being myself behind the microphone. Knowing the impact radio had on my life, I knew I had to be a part of BA1 Radio.

I also head up the PR and Communications and social media for the organisation and have found that I am able to really utilise my knowledge from my film work. Transferable skills such as understanding how to promote, using my filming and editing abilities and how to present in front of the camera have all come in useful.

Appreciating the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on the film industry I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to shine a light on what the creative freelancers, businesses and organisations are doing in Bath and the surrounding area, to keep themselves and others motivated.

The new show, called Creative Champions will feature work from those who are providing free resources online and how listeners can help support the creative sector in Bath.

The show airs every Thursday at 11am. To tune in just visit

I would also like to add that the organisation is a non-profit. Whilst we may only look like a radio station to the outside world, what we're really doing is changing lives through the power of radio. We're educating, encouraging, influencing and teaching people of all ages how to work in a professional environment - skills that they can take on into future employment and use throughout their lives.

If you're able to support BA1 Radio then please head over to the website and donate - www.BA1Radio,org.

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