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Top 5 tips for Wedding Videographers

After a recent shoot I thought it would be beneficial to share with others how I work at weddings.

1. Back-up!

The biggest fear as a wedding videographer is losing all or some of your footage from the day. My advice is switch cards regularly and back-up the footage when you can. I usually record on one card for the ride preparations, then switch for the ceremony. Whilst the photographer is getting the bride and groom ready for their photos, I start to back-up these two cards. Whilst the party enjoy their food, this is another opportunity to back-up footage and switch cards ready for the evening!

2. Follow the Photographer

The photographer can become one of you greatest assets for the wedding day. During the photos with bride, groom and their families, you can capture some really moving moments on film which will come in handy when editing the video to use over the speeches. The photographer will also have some great ideas or shots and they will look equally as good on video.

3. Lens

I always use my canon 24-105mm lens for wedding shoots. It gives good enough range for weddings and allows you to zoom in and out quickly during the ceremony and speeches. 80% of the weddings I film, I do alone. I would highly recommend if the budget allows, to take an extra videographer as you can capture many more elements of the day as well as reactions to speeches and both the bride and groom saying their vows.

4. Invest in a Gimbal

Perhaps by new favourite piece a kit, a Gimbal allows you to capture cinematic shots without the need for expensive lens' and kit. I use the FeiyuTech a2000 which takes a weight of 2.5kg and comes with Dual handles to make carrying a heavier load much easier. It's a great piece of kit to use for the confetti shot! Just make sure you film it in slow motion for the best effect ;)

5. Capture the small things

In my experience, the bride and groom have always loved it when I capture the things they put so much effort in to. From the flowers, to the table arrangements and ribbons on chairs. These are the things that they will forget about in time, so to be reminded of the small things makes a big difference.

Finally, my biggest piece of advice would be to make the bride and groom laugh. Make them feel comfortable and the results will be just the ticket!

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