Five Reasons You Should Choose Wedding Videography to Capture Your Special Day

Megan Markle and Prince Harry don’t have to be the only ones with professional and cinematic wedding footage to look back on, now you can too! The future is upon us, and affordable wedding videography is at the forefront of our minds. Lt Film knows how important it is to capture that special moment, and strives to produce footage that will charm your memories for years to come. 


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With this in mind, here are our five ways that wedding videography can help to capture your special moment.


1). Film Captures More of the Wedding


Film can capture the movement, sound and shape of your wedding like nothing else. Film can capture the maid of honours laugh or the movement of the wedding dress as you walk down the aisle. It can capture a brother’s wobbling lip and a mother’s tears. Film can even capture the sound and movement of that incredible first dance. Wedding videography can bring you a dynamic, beautifully edited, and powerful memento by recording fundamental moments that you would otherwise have forgotten.  




2). Let Those Wedding Day Speeches Last a Lifetime

What better way to immortalise those fantastic speeches than through professional and beautiful videography? Maybe it was the father of the bride’s speech. Did he make everyone in the room laugh followed by cry followed by laugh again? Did not just his words, but his delivery of them cause mascara to trickle run down your face? Well now you can keep that speech, delivery and wet cheeks  tucked away nicely in your wedding video. It’ll last a lifetime.



3). Easily Share Your Wedding Video

Unlike the toil of going through all one thousand wedding photos that were taken to decide which ones would suite social media, a well edited, neat and powerfully captivating wedding video is in one smart package. The share-ability and originality of having a wedding video is a dependable way to let your friends and family gain a realistic and versatile view of what your day was really like. 



4). Absent Friends and Family Can Enjoy Your Wedding Through Film

We all want the people we love and care about to be there with us at that special moment, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Maybe you have some relatives overseas who just cant make it to be with you? Or maybe you just want a close-nit ceremony with only family present, but would still like to share the moment virtually with your friends? Well wedding videography solves this problem. All those absent members of family and friends can indulge in your day too. 




5). Drone Videography Can Capture The Magic

Ever looked longingly at fairy-tale weddings in rom-com movies and wondered how amazing it would be to have your very own wedding captured from above? Well now you don’t have to wonder! LT Film can capture footage of your beautiful venue, set-up, and wedding attendees, all from a fantastic perspective. Drone footage is sure to make your video stand out and proves that fairy-tale footage isn’t just for the big screen, now you can have it too.




There are many reasons to choose wedding videography to capture your special day, not all of them are covered here. But for an affordable videography package that really encapsulates the wondrous and extraordinary spectacle that is your wedding day, why not contact us at Lt Film/Contact.


Begin your journey into marriage with a uniquely personalised memento of your big day. 




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