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What happens when we die? Documentary

What happens when we die?

We have more exciting news!

Our documentary 'What happens when we die?' is well under way with interviews taking place weekly. So far we have interviewed award winning author Dr Penny Sartori, the Animal Psychic Jackie Weaver as well as experts in the fields of past life regression and future life regression. We have also interviewed a few members of the general public to ask them about their experiences with death and will be interviewing an academic about death too.

The film itself?

Well, the good news is that this weekend we will be filming the final pick up shots for the film!! AND we have already had the music composed and recorded. All that's left to do now is to send off the final edit for sound design and we will be able to release information about our first screening of both projects.

In the meantime, he is a shot from the final edit....

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