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The end is near!

Pardon the pun ^

Here are the headlines!

  • 'A Grave Matter' will be sent off for sound design in the next couple of weeks!

  • In a slight change to the plot, we will be filming a couple more shots for the beginning and end of the film in March....

  • We still aim to have the film finished by April!

In other news...

We are well under way with our documentary A Grave Matter: What happens when we die? We already have a best-selling Author, Mediums (for humans AND pets), experts in the field of the afterlife and even some sceptics lined up for interviews. We also aim to have this completed in time for the release of the film itself.

Did you know; a third of people in the UK think about death and dying at least once a week?

What happens when we die?

It is quite possibly one the worlds most asked questions, and one that is difficult to answer. 'A Grave Matter' aims to address the subject of death without forcing any specific view on what happens when we die upon the viewer. However in this short documentary we will hear first hand what people really think.

In the last 60 seconds, roughly 100 people have died around the world.

.....but where are they now?

Re-watch our campaign video to hear what some of our supporters believe in.

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