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Filmmakers create emotional Christmas film to raise awareness for the elderly

A group of filmmakers from Bath have created a short Christmas film about the true meaning behind the gifts we give at Christmas.

'With Love' was written and directed by Conor Purcell and Luke Taylor to tell the story of an elderly couple at Christmas. They hope that the film will help raise awareness for elderly people who are left alone at Christmas and to remind people of their loved ones at this time of year.

"Forget the John Lewis ad" - Bath Chronicle

They were inspired by their own personal stories for this project.

Director of Photography, Leo Element (, has enjoyed the challenges the film presented.

Luke Taylor and Leo Element pictured above in campaign video for recent film project 'A Grave Matter'

“It was great to work on a brilliantly written short film that emotionally connects with the audience over such a short period of time. The challenge was to visually tell the story without words. The contrast in the lighting (light to dark, and orange to blue) created the mood we wanted, which including plenty of fairy lights! Along with subtle camera movements helps visually engage the audience.”

“All the crew and cast were a pleasure, and really good to fun to work with. There were plenty of laughs on the day, despite the sad subject.”

"Thought provoking at this time of year" - Facebook

Luke hopes that the film will reach vast audiences online. “We've created a film with very little dialogue which makes it universally understandable. It's been great to work with Conor and Leo as we share the same interest in this genre of film so to collaborate has been really beneficial to the process. We are hoping to add this film to our award winning projects so fingers crossed!"

Luke Taylor pictured above receiving award for winning Creative Bath's Young Creative of the year 2017 & Highly Commended for Film, TV and Video in Bath.

“We were lucky enough to have the support of Jack Yeomans who is currently studying the same degree course that Conor, Leo and myself graduated from in 2014. To be able to provide opportunities like this to young students is great for us as we know how beneficial it is to gain extra experience outside of the university”

Jack (Left) and Leo (Right) being technical!

The underlying message of 'With Love' is about remembering the special moments throughout life that we take for granted. The moments in life that make you smile and remind you of someone special.

It was important to Conor that the film portrayed this.

Conor Purcell pictured left.

“We wanted to show why Christmas is such an magical part of year and to remind people how special their loved ones are. Christmas is all about giving but we wanted to show the reasons why we give and how important they are”

Producer Sophie Moore has worked with the team on a number of projects this year and feels that this is a great way to show the skill-set of this collaboration.

"It has been great to be involved in this project. Luke, Conor and Leo made a fab team and on the day of filming made the whole process really enjoyable for all involved."

The film stars the familiar face of Nick Stringer, star of Only Fools and Horses and The Bill. Nick thoroughly enjoyed working on the project.

Annabel Norwell Davis has featured in various adverts over the years and was one of the faces of the television series Airport. Despite the sad subject she enjoyed the uplifting spirit of the film and the relationship between the cast and crew on the day of filming.

"We would just like people to think about their loved ones at this time of year and hope our film makes them do that, not just in a sad way, but there will be moments which made them laugh, the happy times, that's so important."

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