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A Grave Matter: Short Film

A Grave Matter

Adam is a young boy and he meets Daisy in the village church whilst she is there reflecting on the eight years since she last saw her husband. They talk about death, the meaning of life and the things you wish you'd said or done before it is too late.There is an unexpected twist at the end of the film that will leave viewers questioning what they believe. Whilst this film touches on a sensitive subject that not many people like to explore, it portrays a light hearted, gentle perspective on death. As we grow older we become more inquisitive about whatever comes next and as we deal with death throughout our own lives, we learn more about ourselves.

By contributing to the creation of this film you will be helping us help others who struggle to deal with grief, death and the fear of not knowing what comes after we die. This film is not only for those people, but also for those of you who have a firm idea of what you believe comes next.

What We Need & What You Get

We are hoping to raise £2,000 to make this film. The money you donate will go towards the creation and development of this project. We are creating this project in our own time and are not asking to be paid for our contribution. Your donation will go towards our location cost, actors, equipment hire, set construction, costumes, marketing and distribution including festival entries. We are relying on generous supporters like you to bring this story to life. Even the smallest donation will help. In return for your support we are offering a variety of 'perks'.

Risks & Challenges

We understand that death is an incredibly sensitive subject. Some people don't like talking about dying or thinking about what happens when we die. During the scripting process we have taken a very sensitive approach to our storytelling and through the characters of Daisy and Adam we will portray the difficult conversation about losing your loved ones and the things you wish you'd said or done.

During the scripting of this film, it was important to Luke to ensure that no one view on death is portrayed, so that people are able to connect to this film, no matter what their beliefs may be.



Luke Taylor

Luke is an independent award winning filmmaker based in the city of Bath, UK.

He decided to write this film to encourage people to ask those difficult questions. Death can be a daunting thing and what ‘A Grave Matter’ aims to achieve is offer viewers the opportunity to challenge their thinking and feel comfortable talking about whatever they believe might come after death.

In 2015, Luke won a Royal Television Society award for his short film ‘Nan’. His portrayal of the relationship between a Grandmother and Grandson in less than three minutes (and without dialogue!) touched audiences across the world. Since then, he has been reflecting on what it was about ‘Nan’ that moved so many people.

The ability to make an audience laugh or cry without words was a great challenge during the making of ‘Nan’, but what the film really does is allow audiences to question themselves and their relationships, encouraging them to explore their own views.

Luke likes creating films that make people think outside the box. ‘A Grave Matter’ intends to do this.


Leo Element

Leo graduated from Bath Spa University in 2014 with first class honours and was part of the award winning team behind ‘Nan’. Since graduating Leo has worked and lived in London. He spent some time working for a well known production house and now works as a freelance Director of Photography and Editor for clients in the City.

Leo and Luke met whilst studying the same degree course and this will be their first film together since creating ‘Nan’.

"Working on this film with Luke directing is a really exciting prospect for me. It's been a while since we did our last film which was a massive success and it's great to be working with him again."

"The film will have new challenges ahead but will create some really creative styling opportunities. The church is an amazing space and will be interesting to light and film. I'm looking forward to bringing this story to life."


Sophie Moore

Sophie graduated in 2014 with a degree in Media Communications, and now works in events.

She decided to work on this film because she admired Luke’s work on ‘Nan’ and what it represented and has achieved. She could not resist being involved in the next chapter.


Liz Hume: Daisy

Stan Elliott: Adam

Our Goals
  • We aim to spark a conversation and encourage people to feel comfortable talking about death.

  • We want to be able to share this film across the world and see how it is viewed by people all over the globe.

  • We will work with local students to help them gain relevant experience in the real world of filmmaking and offer them the opportunity to screen their work alongside this film at its premiere.

  • We will use our potential as best we can and challenge ourselves to achieve an end-result we are proud of.

A final message

We understand that contributing to this project may not be possible for everyone, but please share this campaign to help us achieve our goal and share our story with the world!

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