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NEXT FILM: Finding Uncle Walt

Over the last year I have been researching the life of my great great uncle.

It was around this time last year that I was contacted by Rex Chester, an heir hunter. He was looking for relatives of a man named Walter Daley. When Rex and I spoke, he informed me that Walter was infact my great great Uncle, and that Walter had died in 2009 without leaving a will.

From what my Grandmother had told me, I knew that her Mother, Mary Jane, had 3 siblings and in 1915 they were taken from their Mother Elizabeth and put on a train to Bristol where they would live with their Father. They never saw their Mother again.

So who is Walter? He was born in 1924 and was son to Elizabeth. What happened next is a mystery and so is the life of Walter. The sad thing is, Walter died thinking he had no family when in reality he had a very big one.

My next project will follow my Grandma as she tries to uncover the life story of her uncle Walter Daley, and what really happened back in 1915. Did he know his Mother? Did he know about his siblings? Why didn't we know about Walter Daley?

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