Bath Spa graduate Luke Taylor from Southdown wins Royal Television Society award for short film

Luke Taylor from Southdown in Bath has won a Royal Television Award for a short film he made about his close relationship with his grandmother.

Luke, 22, was born in Southdown, Bath and was always very close to his grandmother Patricia Darlington, or Nanny Pat, as Luke calls her, who stars in the film as herself.

The film called Nan won the award for best short film in the Royal Television Society West of England student television awards, and it has been seen by more than one million people online.

Luke and producer Rosie Jones picked up their award at a ceremony in Bristol.

The pair met while working part time at the egg theatre, and have formed a creative and productive bond.

The film is a beautiful and moving piece about a young boy's relationship with his grandmother from his birth until she dies.

As he grows bigger and stronger, she grows older and weaker.

Anyone with grandchildren will be touched by this work, which is set to haunting classical music and is filmed in some of the most picturesque parts of Bath.

It is highly poignant and intended to show life's journey from birth to inevitable death.

Luke loves telling stories on film.

He said: "Nanny Pat lives in Macclesfield, so every school holiday I would go to visit her and my grandad.

"My nan taught me how to bake cakes, how to play the piano, gave me a great appreciation of the world around us, but most importantly it is because of her that I fell in love with film and theatre.

"Although she is my nan, we are really best friends.

"What the film shows is how important it is to look up to our elders because they have lived life, and their wisdom influences the way we live ours.

"She is the one who inspired me to go to university."

Luke went to Culverhay School in Rush Hill, now Bath Community Academy, where he showed an early talent for English literature and storytelling, particularly writing stories about his own life.

When asked to write an assignment for English classes, he would write and write thousands of words effortlessly.

Luke was a star of the school radio station, presenting early morning breakfast shows and reporting on local issues in the Twerton, Southdown and Whiteway areas.

Teachers and pupils at Culverhay loved him, and with his cheeky grin and adorable manner he was always going to do well in his chosen profession, the media.

He went on to study media at Bath Spa University, where he got a first class honours degree, and now he is researching the story of local philanthropist and founder of Andrews Estate Agents Cecil Jackson-Cole for a film documentary.

But he owes much of all this to his adored nan, who was absolutely thrilled to hear her grandson had won an award.

She said: "It was so special to work with Luke on the film and to tell a story that is so close to us both, and ultimately one that everyone has."

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